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Electric Showers Supplied Plumbed & Installed/Fitted by Electrician in Dublin Kildare

Triton and Mira electric showers are in my opinion the best quality shower around. Most installers would fit these showers as you would rarely have a fault or problem with them. Both companies have a fantastic after care facility and will call out and replace parts up for to two years.

Personally I think the Triton service is slightly better overall. I have fit other makes of shower over the year but have found none to be as reliable.

There are also versions you can fit into small apartments where most people would think they cannot have an electrical shower. Heating water in the immersion is very expensive not to mention a timely exercise – Have you ever got up in the morning only to realise the immersion is off and it’s cold shower time? Or your spouse has used all the hot water? There is nothing like instant hot water at the touch of a button.